What would you do if you believed you were...

Powerful, Purposed, and Priceless?

What a rope of sand we are without leaders.


A Little ABout Us

The LeadHership experience seeks to inspire women to Dream more, Learn more and Become more; to that end, we offer several classes, mentoring, coaching, along with specialized “Lunch and Learns.”

Inspiring Women To Dream More, Learn More, and Become More!​

Through a variety of designed programmatic expressions we hope to encourage women in leadHERship to embrace that they are Powerful, Purposed,and Priceless!

You Are Powerful

Become a woman who believes anything is possible and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring it to fruition…which will make you Powerful beyond your comprehension!

You Are Purposed

Become a woman who wakes up with purpose and engages in the very things that make your passions ignite. This in turn will help you to lead, delegate, and execute what needs to be done…which makes you Purposed!

You Are Priceless

Become a woman who embraces your unique voice, and shows up and never gives up, because you are cognizant of your intrinsic value…which makes you Priceless!

Class Spotlight

discovering your LeadHERship Soul

Find our who you are really meant to be and how you are meant to lead in the one-day workshop. Topics include:

  • Developing your strengths
  • What is your emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Overcoming hurdles
  • And much, much more!

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