Who We Are

Our Mission

Empowering women to embrace that they are Powerful, Purposed, and Priceless!

It is our desire to foster a community where women discover their unique voice and purpose…and where we are the embodiment of being comfortable in our own skin without comparing ourselves to others. We vow to “Lean In” to each other and have each other’s back instead of tearing each other apart…and we vow to inspire other women to love themselves.


Become a woman who believes anything is possible and will succeed at what she focuses on. A woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin; she doesn’t feel the need to compare herself to others or be who others expect her to be. A woman who believes unequivocally “I am enough.” She is vulnerable enough to ask for help, and can laugh at herself on good days and bad. A woman who embraces her leadership and build into those around her with individualized leadership styles.


Become a woman who wakes up with purpose and engages in the very things that make her passions ignite. A woman who wants to encourage all women in leadership, and wants to make a difference. A woman who dares to love, laugh, and live without regrets. She accepts the situation before her and longs for a better world…and she strives daily to make it a reality. This in turn will help her to lead, delegate, and execute what needs to be done to make her work, church, and community at large a better place.


Become a woman who embraces her unique voice, and shows up and never gives up. A woman who perseveres through adversity (even when she feels alone). Who realizes that she can learn more from her failures than from her success. A woman who does not allow herself to get tangled in her failures or entertain negative self talk. A woman who will be steadfast in retraining her brain to validate women, and see the positive in every woman. She is cognizant that her value is innate and immeasurable.

Meet Cathi

Our Founder, CEO

Cathi Woods-Bacher has served 35 years in LeadHership — 25 of those as a CEO of several nonprofits throughout the country. Cathi also served as the COO of the 9-11 charity, the Todd Beamer Foundation.

Throughout her life, Cathi has lived her life’s purpose of fostering a culture where women feel inspired to dream more, learn more and BE more. She loves surrounding herself with strong women and encouraging them to discover what unique gifts each one brings to the table.

Along with teaching classes and seminars, Cathi travels and speaks on a national basis. Cathi is the founder of LeadHership and serves as the Director of Encouragement.

Cathi received the honor of being selected as one of San Joaquin Magazines “Wonder Women”. This award is given to women who “help San Joaquin thrive.”

What We Believe

Our Core Values


We see each person as a unique individual  with different gifts, talents, and skills. We respect diversity, and celebrate,  as well as value, differences of opinion.


We resolve to communicate directly, openly,  honestly, and timely.  When issues arise we will resist the urge to discuss it  with individuals not directly involved. We will not politic or position  ourselves to the detriment of others.  


We epitomize dependable leadership to each  other, and the community at large. We will be cognizant of our need to better  ourselves and encourage those around us to do the same.


We exude honesty and we will be forthright  with everyone that crosses our path. We will be ethical in all of our personal  and business transactions. 


We encourage initiative and we value change  as an opportunity to transform our community and the world. 


When applicable, we will operate as a team and  hold each other accountable for the execution of our strategy.


We challenge perceived barriers and bureaucracy with continuous improvements of our processes and practices.


We take ownership of problems and accept  personal responsibility.

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