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what we believe

LeadHership's Core Values

We as an organization and as individual leadhers are committed to the following  value propositions…we will live by them when interacting with each other, and we  will seek to emulate them every day in every way. As women in leadhership  positions, or aspiring leadhers, we will strive to embody these, and by doing  so, we will start realizing how incredibly important WE are in the process of  helping ourselves, as well as each woman we encounter empower her to embrace her  power, her purpose and ultimately how priceless she is.   

  • Individuality: We see each person as a unique individual  with different gifts, talents, and skills. We respect diversity, and celebrate,  as well as value, differences of opinion. 
  • Respect: We resolve to communicate directly, openly,  honestly, and timely.  When issues arise we will resist the urge to discuss it  with individuals not directly involved. We will not politic or position  ourselves to the detriment of others.  
  • Empowerment: We epitomize dependable leadership to each  other, and the community at large. We will be cognizant of our need to better  ourselves and encourage those around us to do the same.
  • Integrity: We exude honesty and we will be forthright  with everyone that crosses our path. We will be ethical in all of our personal  and business transactions. 
  • Innovation: We encourage initiative and we value change  as an opportunity to transform our community and the world. 
  • Teamwork: When applicable, we will operate as a team and  hold each other accountable for the execution of our strategy. Improvement: We challenge perceived barriers and  bureaucracy with continuous improvements of our processes and practices. Responsibility: We take ownership of problems and accept  personal responsibility.